The Bagged Lunch Co.
We are the home of the Personalized Luncheon!!

  • Ever been to a staff luncheon and wished you could have chosen exactly what you wanted?

  • Or got there after the mad dash only to be left with options you don't even like?  

  • Found yourself fustrated that you could not cater to everyone but clearly you aren't about to
    gather that many orders?

Use this order option and give your participants that elusive personal experience.  With this option
each person can make all their own choices.  Creating smiling faces and full bellies.  Here's how it

  • We set up an E-Form to use to order for your event
  • We provide you with an email to forward to participants with full instructions and quick links to the order
    form and menu
  • Each person gets an order confirmation email.  Any questions or issues your participants may have are
    directed to us
  • We provide you with an updated spreadsheet of who has ordered every couple of days (or as needed)
  • 24-48 hours before your event we provide you with a final count and a final list.  At this point you let us
    know what the true total should be and we fill in any gaps with your chosen Default Sandwich
  • Each bagged lunch will come Labeled with the person's name and what is in the bag.

No more of the boring order of 20 of this and 10 of that.  Make everyone happy AND no
hassle planning.  Who says you can't have it all?